Incorporated in july 2007, Mamba is registered as an advertising agency in Mauritius. 

We propose services in the advertising sector in Mauritius, going from the creation of a logo to the construction of a complete website while going through press ads, marketing plans as well as tv commercials and radios...

In short,everything that touches the corporate identity of a company or the launch of a brand or product in Mauritius.

We aspire to become:

  • The most well-known small agency of Mauritius and the region in the advertising field
  • One of the Top of Mind advertising agency of Mauritius
  • Poisonous to our advertising agency competitors & clients' competitors in Mauritius
  • A protective advertising agency towards its customers in Mauritius and in the region
  • An advertising agency that will not stop winding the different paths of marketing to bring its support to the companies that it will serve

You will find below the scope of services we offer :


Get a branding that will position you on the market and properly communicate your identity.

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Magazine / A. Report

Fresh concept and design for your magazines or annual report will show your stakeholders how serious you are.

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Don't waste your money by trying to organise it yourself. Let the pros take that stress and relax with your invitees.

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Make the decision on the shelf when the client take the decision to buy.

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Your property or project is not yet build and you need to sell it. Be sure to use real good 3D quality rendering to trigger the buying decision of your client.

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Show to the mauritians what you are selling either by the newspapers, the radio, the tv or the web.

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You can have the most beautiful design, but if you don't print it properly, it's a pure waste of money.

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Nowadays, printing is not enough anymore. The web is everywhere. In your computer, in your smartphone, in your tablet ... and even on your TV. 

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3D Plans

From mesurements to 3D plans, we will help Real Estate Agents and House Owners to sell their properties.

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Give Aways

Show you clients and suppliers that you estimate them by offering them nice looking give aways for your events or at the end of the year.

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Other Services :

Here goes all the other services any agency may propose.

Let's cut it short !

If you have a specific need, we will find your specific solution !

All you have to do is to contact us.

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Get the latest infos about us and the work we are doing for our clients.

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